and she said CAW
Where's any new art your draw up gonna show up (new blog, old blog, art blog)? Also I hope I'm not one of those super-creepy followers, which is why I'm asking anon. Because shyness. ._.

New blog. I don’t have an art blog and posting new things to the old blog would be kinda pointless, so.

I’ll tell you if you ask (nicely), though.

p.s. I refollowed a good number of the blogs I’ve already been following so you’ll know who I am quite easily u3u

Wait, are you just changing names or are you making a new blog altogether? If you're making a new one what is the name?

I made a new one because I want to get away from having over 460 followers, among which many are creepy as shit. I didn’t state the name for that reason.

switching blogs

leaving this one around because of all the posts and whatnot

couldn’t sleep so I’m going to do a Thing that I hope will make me feel a little better

okay I’m gonna take my whiny ass to bed and hope I don’t get terrible nightmares again bye

What I hate about not matching my friends’ cosplays at a con is that I end up being the odd one out again, and that’s what I’ve always been and I’m tired of it, but not just because of that

people come up to your friends and go wow your costumes are great!! and then they look at little ol’ mismatched you and give you that look that says, what the hell are you supposed to be?

And then your friends leave to go to photoshoots and other things involving the fandom they’re cosplaying from and since you’re not cosplaying from the same series at the same time as them, you’d stick out like a sore thumb if you went

It really doesn’t sound too bad at all (like not at ALL) when I say it, but I know what I mean and I just… don’t want to get into that kind of situation?? I have enough issues about being left out as it is and I can’t just ask people to cosplay from my fandoms with me because they’re usually not in them or they don’t want to and have full schedules anyway and even if they WERE in my fandoms I feel more and more terrible every time I try to ask someone to cosplay from something with me

so instead I just kind of try to worm myself into groups if I’m allowed to or wait forever for someone to ask me to join their group……… sigh what a doormat

okay fuck pottermore there’s literally nothing for me to do besides fuck up the practice potion and practice spells

oh cool my nonexistent self-esteem is still making me question whether I really should go to otakon

why does my brain have to be so fucking moronic